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"Land Where The Wishes Come True" Out Now!

"A return to the instrumentation that our genre craves. With an incredible blend of the best of Country, Americana, and Bluegrass moods combined with vivid stories, Collins perfectly captures his stories in song." ~ All Country News

It's been a long and winding gravel road, but the album is finally here. Some chance meetings, hard work, some dumb luck and a lifetime of never losing faith in music led to this improbable collaboration of Grammy and IBMA winning musicians and an embarrassingly stellar production team. The journey from a family farm in Kentucky to California has not been a straight line and there have been twists and turns, but music has always been my North Star. The music I loved to listen to as a kid with my mom and dad crept into my musical DNA and the echos are in these songs. The classics by Johnny Cash, Buffalo Springfield, The Eagles, America, John Mellencamp, Dylan and so many more inspired the younger me to pick up a guitar and carry it everywhere. These songs pay tribute to the American Dream; the one I saw in the Heartland in the late Sixties and early Seventies where Farmers worked so hard to give their families a better life. You will hear songs of love, loss, broken homes, humble beginnings, regrets, second chances, gratitude, and ultimately, hope. As a former Navy Carrier Pilot, I learned the importance of bringing overwhelming force to a conflict. Kenny Aronoff, James LoMenzo, Michael Cleveland, Justin Moses, Smokin' Brett Resnick, Ty Bailie, Doug Pettibone, Jimmy Zavala provide that firepower and I'm as humbled to have worked with them as I am thrilled to share these beautiful songs with all of you. We blended Americana, Country, Bluegrass and a dab of Laurel Canyon together into something new while channeling the great artists who inspired us all. I hope you love it and I hope the songs make tap your feet while they tug your heartstrings. These stories are a celebration of our shared humanity and I would be honored to have you join us on this musical journey to the land where the wishes come true.

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"Land Where The Wishes Come True" Album Trailer

Excerpts from an interview with Nashville's Craig Havighurst, song snippets and clips from the three music videos.

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June 16, 2023

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June 1, 2023

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June 1, 2023

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April 25, 2023

Dean M. Collins signs with Dr. Music Records!

February 16, 2023

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February 16, 2023

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February 9, 2021

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January 22, 2020

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February 16, 2023


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Dean M. Collins

If you are looking to dig a little deeper into some of the stories shared through my music, you’ve come to the right place. If you long for the days when songwriting came from the heart, welcome. You will find links to music, photographs, videos, news, and lyrics and hopefully a blog from time to time. We are all on borrowed time and I’m so glad you are spending a little of that here. 

My new album 'Land Where The Wishes Come True' is out now. I have assembled a killer band; actually, a Super-Band, to help me tell these powerful stories and remind music fans that words and musicianship matter and that authenticity, not focus groups, makes Country, Americana and Bluegrass so great. Kenny Arononoff, Michael Cleveland, Justin Moses, James LoMenzo, Smokin' Brett Resnick, Doug Pettibone, Jimmy Zavala, and Ty Bailie are here to restore your faith in music and these stories just might restore a bit of your faith in humanity. Get ready to leave the big cities and highways and come along with us as put the heart back in the Heartland; one song at a time.

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What’s your Story?

I grew up on a Farm in Kentucky after moving around Indiana for a few years. My dad shared his favorite music with me every time I was in the car with him as he drove from farm to farm as a salesman for Ralston Purina. Rural America just felt so real and authentic and I loved meeting the farmers who tried to eke out a humble existence in the Heartland. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Creedence & Johnny Cash provided the soundtrack to my childhood and I picked up a guitar and started writing songs pretty young. 
Growing up poor, I couldn’t really afford college, so I applied for a NROTC scholarship and was lucky to go to a great school. I studied Film and Theatre and began playing in bands and recording music. I became a Navy Pilot after graduation and flew in a few wars - which put music on hold for awhile. After the Navy, I became a US commercial airline pilot and now fly as a Captain with a major carrier. Over time, I’ve been able to come back to my passion other than flying; music. 
Through fate, coincidence or dumb luck, an amazing group of artists and creatives have joined me on my latest project. I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to share my stories with the help of some living legends and I am beyond grateful to everyone who has helped me on this journey. I’m not doing music for fame, financial gain or vanity reasons. I just want to share my passion, words and melodies with people. For one of my passions, I pilot a plane through the blue skies hoping to connect loved ones. I also pilot words through melodies hoping to connect people to their own humanity. It feels like we have never been more connected as a society while being so disconnected from the  relationships that matter in the here and now. Hey, all you dreamers, come with me...

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DEAN M. COLLINS pays tribute to his American dream with his new Country Music single “Land Where The Wishes Come True” [feat. Michael Cleveland & Justin Moses] and accompanying music video

Today, California-based musician DEAN M. COLLINS releases his first single taken from the same-titled album “Land Where The Wishes Come True”, to be released 06/16/2023 via Dr. Music Records. Featuring an exciting and entertaining blend of Country Music, Americana and Bluegrass, the singer-songwriter reflects on his eventful life as a Kentucky farmer’s son, Delta Air Lines captain and former U.S. Navy pilot, as well as a family man and musician. He is supported by renowned guest musicians who altogether have received more than 60 Grammy Awards. On the title track, bluegrass fiddle virtuoso Michael Cleveland and Justin Moses, who has won multiple awards as Dobro Player of the Year, accompany him as guest musicians. With their instruments, they give the track a unique flair, and towards the end, fitting for the closing of the message, they celebrate a triumphant musical finale with their dueling, fulminant solos. “Land Where The Wishes Come True” is a love letter to his father and traces the arc of his life. DEAN M. COLLINS experienced hard and debilitating moments but also great solidarity as the son of a farmer in his birthplace of Bardstown, Kentucky, where his family once sold their distillery to James and Joseph Beam. “Land Where The Wishes Come True” expresses the solid connections and friendships the musician has made throughout his varied life. These are precisely the bonds he deals with on his album with great sensitivity and acumen, whether between lovers, parents and their children, or the cohesion among farm workers. Beautifully and tenderly, the memories of the parental farm are processed in the title track, among others. Much like Woodie Guthrie’s iconic classic “This Land Is Your Land”, the song celebrates those who work hard against all odds and describes the farmer’s tough family life, caring for his family but also his rural workers and wanting to please everyone. Life always brings new challenges leading to complicated decisions as time passes, ultimately making the finite nature of our existence a reality. From this experience, new life desires arise, making the ever-growing American dream tangible on the journey to California. The ideal introduction to this musical masterpiece is now presented in the music video for the new single, produced by Arroyo Filmworks. Here, the meaning of the lyrics is brought to life in expressive imagery:

With “Land Where The Wishes Come True” [feat. Michael Cleveland & Justin Moses], DEAN M. COLLINS has produced an exceptional, contemporary Americana anthem to the American dream, available now at all streaming services and download stores:

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On the album “Land Where The Wishes Come True”, Kenny Aronoff’s (e.g. Johnny Cash, John Mellencamp, Lady Gaga) dynamic drumming provides the foundation along with bassist James LoMenzo (e.g. White Lion, Black Label Society, Megadeth), while Smokin’ Brett Resnick (e.g. Kacey Musgraves, Brookes & Dunn) gives the songs his own accents with the pedal steel guitar. The same applies to Justin Moses’ (e.g. Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Peter Frampton) harmonic dobro, mandolin and banjo playing, as well as Michael Cleveland’s (e.g. Béla Fleck, Flamekeeper, Alison Kraus) filigree playing of the bluegrass fiddle and Jimmy Zavala’s (e.g. Eurythmics, Bon Jovi, Tom Petty, Jeff Beck) brilliant harmonica playing. Through this project’s broad experience and musical class, the album unfolds a detailed sound cosmos of Country Music, Americana and Bluegrass, which also features Pop accents and references to musical greats such as R.E.M. and Paul McCartney. Recorded by Dave Jenkins and Ralph Cacciurri (e.g. Glenn Frey, Coldplay, Ludacris) at Uncommon Studios LA and Parhelion Studios, several of the 13 songs were mixed and produced with DEAN M. COLLINS’ longtime friend and musical companion Thom Russo (e.g. Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Macy Gray) in Los Angeles, whose skillful production brought together the manifold inspirations and influences. Gavin Lurssen, who has already refined albums by the Foo Fighters, Robert Plant or the Game Of Thrones soundtrack, is responsible for the mastering. Together with DEAN M. COLLINS’ vocals, they all provide a clear and inviting sound that turns the album, digitally penned by Richard Touzimsky, with meaningful lyrics into an extraordinary Country Music masterpiece. DEAN M. COLLINS’ new songs invite on a journey of past loves, missed opportunities, precious bonds and experiences, all gathered along his life’s path. Thereby, an incomparable squad of world-class musicians recorded the beautifully scored, earthy Americana and Country Music songs. “Land Where The Wishes Come True” is an idealized America for DEAN M. COLLINS, where dreams become tangible, and deprivation and respect come first. 

Those who want now to discover more about DEAN M. COLLINS and the multifaceted backstory of his songs are encouraged to check out, the Pasadena-based musical pilot’s website at and his social media profiles on and

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Coming Home Music Video

Video and images from the film 'Wonder: The Lives of Anna and Harlan Hubbard' by Documentary Filmmaker Morgan Atkinson.

Special thanks to fellow Kentuckians Morgan Atkinson and Micheal Cleveland.

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