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If you are looking to dig a little deeper into some of the stories I’ve shared through music, you’ve come to the right place. If a song resonated and brought you here, welcome. You will find links to music, photographs, videos, news, and lyrics and hopefully a blog from time to time. We are all on borrowed time and I’m so glad you are spending a little of that here. 



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Lifoti Magazine has a nice feature that appears in their September 2019 isssue in print and digital form and is available in 80 countries. Click the link below!

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I grew up on a Farm in Kentucky after moving around Indiana for a few years. My dad shared his favorite music with me every time I was in the car with him as he drove from farm to farm as a salesman for Ralston Purina. Rural America just felt so real and authentic and I loved meeting the farmers who tried to eke out a humble existence in the Heartland. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Creedence & Johnny Cash provided the soundtrack to my childhood and I picked up a guitar and started writing songs pretty young. 
Growing up poor, I couldn’t really afford college, so I applied for a NROTC scholarship and was lucky to go to a great school. I studied Film and Theatre and began playing in bands and recording music. I became a Navy Pilot after graduation and flew in a few wars - which put music on hold for awhile. After the Navy, I became a US commercial airline pilot and now fly as a Captain with a major carrier. Over time, I’ve been able to come back to my passion other than flying; music. 
Through fate, coincidence or dumb luck, an amazing group of artists and creatives have joined me on my latest project. I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to share my stories with the help of some living legends and I am beyond grateful to everyone who has helped me on this journey. I’m not doing music for fame, financial gain or vanity reasons. I just want to share my passion, words and melodies with people. For one of my passions, I pilot a plane through the blue skies hoping to connect loved ones. I also pilot words through melodies hoping to connect people to their own humanity. It feels like we have never been more connected as a society while being so disconnected from the  relationships that matter in the here and now. Hey, all you dreamers, come with me...



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